TeamSpeak is a service used to help our community communicate via text and audio. It's a free application, and by following the simple steps below, you should be able to get online in no time.  

1. Download the appropriate Teamspeak client for your operating system here.

2. Install it. Default options should be fine
3. Open the client.

4. Click the Connections button in the top-left corner. Select Connect from the drop-down menu.

5. Type into the Address dialog box. The port should be set to 9987 by default; leave it if it is or change it if it isn't. Then set your Nickname to something of your choosing. This might be your Steam display name, your Minecraft username or something entirely different. It's best to use something people can identify you in game by.

Keep in mind that use of the 'push-to-talk' feature is required on the CraftHub Teamspeak server and staff will move/mute/kick you if you do not follow this rule. You can configure this option by clicking Settings->Options->Capture->Push-To-Talk.