Hardmode Survival

Crafthub isn't just a news blog, we're a server too!

We are a stable Survival, hard mode, semi-RP Minecraft server that has been running since 2010 at an impressive 90% uptime according to McServers. We try to maintain a friendly environment with a professional staff and like to interact with our community as much as possible, both on the server and on our Teamspeak.

We are always fine tuning the plugins, and updating when newer and better plugins come around to try and provide our players with the latest and greatest that Minecraft has to offer, and are proud that we've maintained the earlier mention uptime percentage despite this. We are open to suggestions of content or plugins that our players would like to see incorporated.

If we sound like a server you would like, log in and give us a try. Minecraft is always better with more people!

Once you have read the rules, Here's how to get on the server:

1. Login to your Minecraft client and click the big grey Multiplayer button in the middle of the screen

2. Type public.crafthub.net into the black box, and click connect. Simple yeah?


Crafthub also has a Teamspeak server! Here's how to get on it:

1. Download the appropriate Teamspeak client for your operating system HERE.

2. Install it. Open the client.

3. Click the Connections button in the top-left corner. Select Connect from the drop-down menu.

4. Type ts.crafthub.net into the Address dialog box. The port should be set to 9987 by default; leave it if it is or change it if it isn't. Then set your Nickname to your Minecraft name.

Keep in mind that use of the 'push-to-talk' feature is required on the Crafthub Teamspeak server and staff will move/mute/kick you if you do not follow this rule. You can configure this option by clicking Settings->Options->Capture->Push-To-Talk.