1.8 Snapshot 14w27b! Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere!

1.8 Snapshot 14w27b! Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere!

We've had hoppers for a while! Now we have bunnies! 

With this snapshot we have finally had our bunny rumor confirmed! They may be tamed the same way as an ocelot, using a carrot, gold carrot or dandelion and once tamed, players may breed them using the same items! Why might you want to breed rabbits?  Well they drop three new items to the game - Raw Rabbit, Rabbit Hide and Rabbit's Foot. Raw Rabbit may be cooked in a furnace and eaten, Rabbit Hide may be placed in a 2x2 square in a crafting table to create one leather, and a Rabbit's Foot may be added to an awkward potion in a brewing stand to create a new Potion of Leaping. These new potions apply the jump boost effect and may be amplified, lengthened or turned into a splash potion the same way as the other potion types.


I was not able to get the taming or breeding to work in the version of the snapshot I tried, and nor was I able to find any rabbits in the wild but they look like they will be a very useful domestic animal for the survival Minecrafter. The improvements to our non-hostiles continue with the previously inedible sheep now becoming a valuable source of food. Now upon death a sheep may also surrender raw mutton that may be cooked in a furnace to produce "Mutton". Do Mojang think us Minecrafters are too skinny? So many lovely things to eat!


For further snapshot details please feel free to visit the official Mojang news post above. Many of the bug fixes from previous snapshot versions are listed as well as a link to a bug report page. Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, they can’t fix it!

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