Minecrafter pays tribute to his wife

Minecrafter pays tribute to his wife

We see Minecraft as a way to escape, play, role-play, mod and much more. We use it as a means to have fun and explore new worlds. However, Gas Bandit decided to use it a bit differently and in turn made us realize the tragic reality that can interwine with Minecraft.

Gas Bandit has built his wife, who is sadly now deceased, a tribute in Minecraft. Pauline, the wife, was the love of his life for 15 years and she also loved Minecraft. Together they played and had many nights together in the world of Minecraft. But it wasn't until June 2013 a tragic fate was met. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Four months later, she passed away.

On January 2014, Gas Bandit began his work in building his memorial for his dearly beloved. After lots of work, much dedication and many hours, he finally completed it on March 9th.

Standing at 112m tall (Level 176 elevation) and with 38,000 blocks to its name, the monument was complete. The best part was that this was all done in Survival. No creative or hacks. This was done by playing in the true spirit of Minecraft. He had help, but its how it was meant to be played all along. I'm sure Notch nor even Mojang ever expected Minecraft to be used in such a way.

The YouTube video is only two and a half minutes of your time. It started off with a Minecraft track around the monument showcasing its height and size. After that ends, it goes inside to see a room uncovered. The walls are glass, the floor is sand littered with torches and there is a plaque that reads the name of the wife while ambient in-game music from Minecraft plays.

In all of my years of playing Minecraft, never would I have thought I'd see it used in such a way. The video is brilliant and outlines how Minecraft can be used from a joyous teeny-bopper teen showing his latest creation to a Minecraft monument. Now, you've seen it all and if you have the time -- watch the video. It's worth it.

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