Crafthub Update

Crafthub Update

Wow, feels like forever since we've had an update. Regular visitors to Crafthub have surely noticed that everything went back... a lot.

Short story is, Crafthub was hacked. We aren't sure how, we have no idea who, but they completely compromised the entire server. At the time of the occurrence the website and Minecraft server were running on the same machine. When the hacker broke in, the majority of our data was corrupted. Thankfully server admin iWhiskey had a backup on his personal machine, and after a couple days of being down, we got the server back up.

The website, however, was a different beast. We moved the site to another web host as a temporary solution (where it still is now) and restored our forums and blog as best we could. Unfortunately, both the server and the website lost about a month's worth of activity due to backups being few and far between.

The Minecraft server was then hit with the 1.5 update about a week after we started getting things back in order, and for the first time, we had a very smooth upgrade process. We kept our main map up as 1.4 and you could play it via downgrading, and put a temp map up for 1.5 until Bukkit updated to 1.5. About 6 hours after recommended build 733 launched, we upgraded the main map to 1.5 and amazingly only one plugin broke. Best upgrade ever.

Something unanticipated when we moved the site over to this web host was our caching plugins messing up trying to identify with the new host. This prevented us from accessing the Admin area of the blog, which is why it has taken so long to get any news about what happened out. I fixed this problem this morning. We have a new site in the works but in the mean time we will continue publishing here, hopefully on a more regular basis than before.

Crafthub is always looking for new writers, feel free to join our Teamspeak or Minecraft server to inquire about writing positions.

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