Minecraft: 100 Tips & Tricks To A Better Mine-Life

Minecraft: 100 Tips & Tricks To A Better Mine-Life

Are you new to Minecraft? Are you a long time veteran? No matter, this list is for you.

This list consists of building tips, mods, and other forms of Minecraft-related knowledge to help your Mine-Life become better. Even a few TNT tips for those of you who are a bit destructive. See what you may learn from reading.

Common Sense/Knowledge

1) Always take a chest with you. If you are mineing a tunnel of Cobble, this will save you a trip back to your base.
2) Never dig straight above/below you. You can either fall into a chamber of lava or fall down and die or dig upward and be crushed by falling sand (protip: JUMP when this happens, it will Glitch you on top of it all..)
3) Don't play till 3-5 a.m. you lose a lot of sleep and I don't think you should be staying up too late working on that pro project. ;)
4) If you find yourself face to face with a creeper, don't run and turn away, punsh it in the face with whatever you have and then turn and run away, so it doesn't explode directly beside you, giving you a chance to survive.
5) Switch to peaceful, twice as much done without all the "arg..." "SSSSSS" and "ka-dung" (bow).
6) When you find yourself in the face of a skeleton archer and can't run up and kill him follow this 4 part plan:

a) circle him and continue jumping around in a circle while edging forward

b) hit and jump back (dodge arrows)

c) repeat a)

d) He is dead.

7) Find diamond? Don't use it on armor, use it on a pickaxe and use MineEdit to "Super Repair" it. Will last around 1,000+ cobble, 250-500 Obsidian, or 450-500 of the other blocks (iron, diamond, gold)

8 ) Legit is the best policy. Don't spawn items, get them like you are in the days of old'.

9) If you chose to build a house, do something original and fun, if its good enough it might just be featured here. :)

10) Keep a special folder with all your Minecraft pictures and programs. It's easier to keep up with, instead of having it all in a large "Downloads" folder hidden in the mist.

11) Always have torches...no matter what

12) Paranoid keeps you alive. Listen to the noises young padawan.

13) Find yourself in the face of a mob spawner? put a 4 tallx1 wide wall around it. Will allow them to spawn, but only inside of it, and if you are evil enough you might leave one hole open on the bottom to hit them and get items.

14) Underground foretresses spell Mobs all over it. Build on a mountait and have a dungeon in it that leads to different tunnels

15) Some people don't do this, I do. When coming into a stray tunnel put a torch with a sign that says

"To go forward ->

Leading out <-

Blocked tunnel (water) v" to not get confused at those 2-5 way tunnel systems and get lost....forever

Mods & Texture Packs for a better gameplay.

17) Minimap mod, usefull.

19) Color Stone Torch Mod (seen here)

20) Minecraft Music! (seen here)

21) Mo' Creatures (extra monsters mod)

22) Quandary Texture Pack (subtle change to original Minecraft texture pack)

25) Plastic Craft (interesting new food & items to craft)

26) The Female Mod - Get your own buddy to run around with you in single player (pun intended)

27) Survival Horror Mod - This combined with FearCraft and a dark descent towards the bedrock will surely have you scared

28) FearCraft a sound mod overhaul that will have you shaking in your computer chairs

30) and for other mods you might want Minecraft Forum's Modding and Mapping forum

Building Tips

32) Cirlce planner (online)

33) When you venture out its best to have a large landmark (tower or etc.) or just a massive base you can see from a long distance back.

34) Download MineEdit, set Spawn point in SP to your home so you don't spawn in some random desert...

35) When building things in the sky, make a big square and THEN hollow out pieces you dont need, this will save time...and health...and items

36) Play classic and get a "plan set up" (all materials infinite) and then do it on Beta.

37) Tree houses are cool, but sometimes hard to find...remember placement.

38) Test yourself by building 3D buildings or things from real life (pyramids, mountains, government offices....etc)

39) Build away from the cities and everything else. /sethome

40) Don't grief others, try not to get griefed. Protection is key on SMP.

Mechanic Tips (Redstone/mechanical)

41) Redstone dust is easy to find. Look about 3 - 5 layers up from the bedrock. Its red.

42) Gates. Most useful thing you may ever use.

43) Redstone wire connected to TNT. Use with caution...

44) Commonly known fact - Redstone charges only lasts for 15 Redstone wires long.

45) Doors. Rig up an iron door to some underground hidden redstone wires and have a stone button set up into some cobblestone. Stealth mode.

46) Monsters. You can probably know where I am going with this. If you trap a mob spawner in obsidian (about 6-9 wide) and have TNT blocks set up in all corners lead a redstone wire to them, and when they are all inside and there is a lot. Blow it. Collect everything. Repeat. Gets a lot of string, gunpowder, etc.

48) Powered Minecarts are good for moving Storage Minecarts.

49) NEVER get in a Minecart cannon for the love of Notch. You will never find that cannon again...

50) If you want to make a mob killing machine set up a wall of lava and dispensers like this guy did

The Long Haul, Journey Across The Land

51) Always bring extra tools, you will probably need them.

52) Sword in slot 1, pickaxe in slot 2, axe in slot 3. Easy to reach up from WASD to them and kill something or etc

53) Chunk not loading? Look for diamonds, try to remember the EXACT location. Dig to there. Rewards await. (logout and log back in so chunk reloads.)

54) Bring chest (or if you have a Minecart track, bring a storage minecart) into mine.

55) Friends make for good miners. Watch out for them, might get hit

56) when night comes around just build a 1x1 tower and put a bunch of torches around it. wait till day to come down, shoot things with a bow to pass the time.

57) See that creeper? Run. Now.

58) Mountains sometimes house secret cave systems, these are good for getting cobblestone and iron.

59) Bring friends to help pass the time.

60) Ride a pig across the lands it will eventually die because of all the raw materials you are carrying. (I am completely joking)

Houses/Bases/Forts Tips

61) Build them in a high place unaccessible to monsters.

62) Houses for comfort, Bases for misc., Forts for protection from the monsters of the outside world.

63) Best bet is to make your Mine inside your house so its easy to get too.

64) Creepers WILL blow up your house. Build an outside wall outside of your house about 10 away. Moats that are about 6 deep are good for keeping them at bay.

65) Build near a large body of water if you want, it makes for a good place to drown monsters

66) Elaborate mazes are easy to get stuck in. Don't make one leading to your fort. Might get chased by a monster and get killed at a dead end (this happened to me...)

67) Lava around your house makes for a good deathtrap.

68) When you build at night press F5 so you can watch your back.

69) Set up dispensers on the top floor of your house and you can shoot down EVERYTHING if you have enough.

Server Tips

70) Write down the server IP or website just in case you forget.

71) Always read/find out the server rules so you don't just accidentally get banned for something. All servers have different rules usually.

72) Befriend admins and mods. Get on their good side and you might just get a few diamond tools or some materials.

73) If you join a server with a bunch of griefing in it, try to fix some of it...would be nice. Or just disconnect.

74) Donate. It will keep everything alive and running on the server.

75) Build. Keep the server interesting for whomever may join and see your marvelous work of Mine-Art/Construction.

76) Mine. Keep a mine to yourself out away from everyone, this will keep your items private and your finds your own.

77) Safe houses. Dealing with other people online you can't tell what they will do. Always protect your chests (/lwc password <password> usually) and build or dig a safehouse into your home. The best bet it to build a wooden house and have a floor panel known only to you marked, with a ladder underneath it. Keep your chests under there.

78) Lava & Water. Watch what you do with this stuff....it might just get you killed or banned.

79) Minecarts and Boats. These are buggy on most servers, don't glitch yourself up. But when you do use one of them....make a roller coaster or water park.

80) Originality. Don't copy something you saw online, its unoriginal and may look cool but...deep down inside you will know...you don't care either way.

81) Language. I never seem to realize why a few words mean something so bad to people...I would use curse words to express deep feelings but people think of them as bad, I don't see why. If there is a rule against foul language, keep it to yourself or shout it to the sky in real life.

82) Hacking. Don't do it please. Its not cool and doesn't help you be "cool"

83) Griefing. Just because someone made you mad on a server doesn't mean you have to go off on a hissy fit and destroy people work, or just do it for sadistic "fun". Self control people.

84) Duping. I won't say much on this besides for you to keep it to yourself...don't give out duped items.

Server Staff Tips (for all you Mods)

85) Be nice to the nicer players, but be a strict enforcer when someone is screwing off and being a complete tard and making people mad.

86) Help with a player's project. If they need a ceiling build or something protected, there are commands for that. You and I both know that.

87) /magiccarpet = fun.

88) Don't be the Deadmau5 troll, it burns.

89) Banhammer. Use at your own risk.

TNT Tips (Large amounts)

90) Be prepared for lag or crashes, always save before you blow something up.

91) When placing TNT, have the view on Tiny and Graphics to Normal for quicker placement.

92) Redstone wire + distance.

93) Don't use TNT near bedrock, may destroy some diamonds or gold. I have done this multiple manytimes.

94) Use Cartographer to see how big your TNT block REALLY is. Take before and after pictures, crater = epic

95) How to avoid often crashes (not guaranteed but helps).

a) [WINDOWS_XP-7] Open task manager>processes set javaw.exe, java.exe, and all other java().exe's to HIGH priority to avoid a crash

b) [LINUX-UBUNTU_10.10] Open System>Administration>System Monitor>Processes right click the java.exe's and change priority to high.

c) [MAC] Figure it out yourself. I couldn't tell ya.

d) close all other programs and go to sleep. check in morning (have ManyCam record it for reference of how long it lasted)

96) Graphics card is key...

97) Bedrock won't blow up no matter how much TNT there is. Quit trying...

98) Barriers. Get a bit of obsidian and make a bomb shelter away or over the ground zero. Light it up then close up the barrier. -I will survive!-

Final Words

99) The cake is not a lie. It is here now

100) Lurk moar. Turn off sticky keys and hold shift to creep.

101)You now realize there was no 68.

If you looked up to check, you are laughing after reading this.

If you didn't laugh. You better laugh.

Miclee's Pigmen Tips

Note: These don't all involve those terrible things in The Nether whose cursed souls shall be kept there forever, though some do.

102) Do not expose to heat.

103) Do not touch.

104) Zombie pigmen are to be seen as un-needed and worthless. If you find a use, such as a shield, use it.

105) Regular pigmen are to be viewed as a human views another. Treat them however they treat you, and they will do the same.

106) If exposure to heat occurs, lightly season.

107) Do not chop up and sew together into a cape, expecting to fly. That is a myth.

108) Regular pigmen may provide shelter if you kill them.

109) Regular pigmen may provide shelter, given you do not hit them.

110) Food.

User Submitted Tips (Worth Adding)
111)When making a pressure plate + TNT land mine pour water under where the TNT is. when TNT is in water, it doesnt break blocks, but still does the large amount of damage. -Glstefa
112) Regarding 15: You could also use the "Torches on left, heading for depth, torches on right, heading for light" -James D.
Feel free to share your own tips below.

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