Minecraft Workbench updates galore!

Minecraft Workbench updates galore!

As much as I love CraftHub, I think Minecraft Workbench is a great community. They have nice management, nice website, great tools, and best of all, it's about Minecraft. Well, today was a big day for Minecraft Workbench. They launched their newface liftof the website today and it's looks pretty nice. I first saw Minecraft Workbench early October and this is an improvement for the best. Their sleek new interface and Minecraft-y background really does bring out the best. So, if you need Minecraft resources such as Mods and such, go to Minecraft Workbench.

Lastly, I'd like to announce the voting for the $100 Minecraft contest. This is the biggest Minecraft competition, to our knowledge, with the highest cash prize. Honestly, I couldn't find any better. But, all you need is register and vote for your favorite. And why should you sign up? Minecraft Workbench has monthly prize drawings and more contests with cash prizes. I mean, seriously, you could become a rich off of winning.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/T9/

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