The Beauty of Minecraft. It's got a video.

The Beauty of Minecraft. It's got a video.

Oh, Minecraft generator, how I love thee. Ladies and gents, I present to you TheBeautyof Minecraft video by Schaulustiger!This isn't just an epic trailer but it gives us a look in-depth of howbeautifulMinecraft can really be. The voice-over? Awesome. The music? Amazing. The beauty of Minecraft? Priceless. Just take a look, it's less than 3 minutes of your time. I promise you, you will not leave sad.

Schaulustigerexplains his video:

Hey there!

When Notch implemented crouching and therefore made it possible to simulate slow camera movement, I started working on a movie to showcase the beauty of Minecraft's landscape and the user-made creations. So, a few weeks later, here's the result:

For the first part I generated about 150 new worlds, but the world generator wasn't too kind a threw me on boring islands most of the time. That said, I think the choice of haunting rock formations and lush areas is still rather impressive. And even after countless hours of generating, deleting, ... I was amazed at how awesome Notchs worldgen is.

Well, I hope you had as much fun watching as I had creating it. Don't forget to vote and comment [Notch]

Enough blabbing! Enjoy the video below:

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